PC SPAMK FSPMI Karawang Hold Public Speaking Education

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Karawang, FSPMI – Tuesday-March 27-28, 2018 at Brits hotel Karawang, Head of Branch of Automotive Workers’ Union of Machinery and Components of Indonesian Metal Workers Federation (SPAMK FSPMI) Karawang holds Public Speaking Education for 2 days, on the first day for material briefing and the second day of Public Speaking material for PUK SPAMK FSPMI KARAWANG especially the Chairman and Secretary of PUK SPAMK Karawang.

Public Speaking Education was attended by the Chairman and Secretary of PC SPAMK Karawang Asmat Serum and Engkos Kosasih as well as giving speech and opening in Public Speaking education this time.

Public Speaking Education this time was attended by 54 participants including Chairman of PUK and Secretary and representatives of the board of PUK-PUK SPAMK FSPMI Karawang

Public Speaking Education was also attended by PC SPAMK FSPMI Karawang Edwinsyah (Secretary of Organization), Aang Ruhaendi and Agus Nurhayadi (Chairman and Secretary of Advocacy), Bandi Saefudin (Secretary of PKB) and PC Treasurer SPAMK Karawang Bung Asdarmawan

As a material filler in Public Speaking education is Herman (Education Section DPP FSPMI) and Bambang from SPAMK Head of Education FSPMI.

The tutors provide the delivery of the material with a tremendous spirit so as to add more excited again the participants who attended the education

The event organized by education field PC SPAMK FSPMI Karawang Arif Wicaksono and Marupi bin Tasrif in welcome very enthusiastic by the participants who attended Public Speaking education this time.

With the holding of Public Speaking education event is expected the participants are able to speak in public and can convey material that will be conveyed with good and reliable in communicating in public and more intelligent in carrying out the duties and functions of the organization for the purpose of welfare for members and their families.

Education Field PC SPAMK will never feel satisfied and keep moving to educate workers in Karawang especially FSPMI workers who are in Karawang

The SPAMK PC Karawang will continue to move tirelessly to create a generation of smart and dignified workers as a form of the mandate of Deliberation Branch V (MUSCAB V)

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