May Day 2018, Labor Vows Replace Jokowi in The 2019 Election

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Jakarta,FSPMI – The failure of the Jokowi government in terms of managing the state in terms of economy and law such as the price of expensive food, rising electricity and fuel costs, too many imports, failure to provide jobs while illegal foreign workers rampant, criminalization of activists, injustice in legal proceedings to state debt mounted to furious people, including workers.

Disappointment of the public one of them expressed in the form of a tagar or call that voiced # 2019GantiPresiden.

Previously President of the Confederation of Indonesian Trade Unions (KSPI) Said Iqbal considered that Jokowi – JK government failed to prosper the workers.

The indicator is the decline in purchasing power due to the low wage policy through PP 78/2015.

PP 78/2015 is part of the Jokowi – JK economic package that spoils the investors.

Besides the rise of waves of layoffs, one of the causes is the decreasing purchasing power due to low wages through the application of the Government Regulation 79/2015.

“This is a fact, that economic policy can not lift purchasing power, but it only opens up the space of ease to invest. Not accompanied by a policy of increasing purchasing power. So what happens is the decline in consumption, that’s what imposes a massive layoffs “added Iqbal.

Even more ironically, unskill foreign labor (TKA) is rampant. While the purchasing power is down, the wave of layoffs is happening everywhere, TKA like given a red carpet to work in this country.

As a result, Indonesian workers are excluded. Employment opportunities that should absorb labor, do not occur. Of course, this is a matter of concern for Indonesian workers.

“At the May Day Celebration 2018 we will cover the main issues raised: Welfare State and End Corporate Greed. By voicing 3 demands (Tritura) “he added

“The demand is Reject Cheap and Revoke PP 78 Year 2015, Lower Rice Price and Basic Electricity Price Tariff, and Build Food Sovereignty and Energy and the third is Choose 2019 Pro that is pro-Workers and People” he concluded.

Does that mean the workers will also voice the claim of # 2019GantiPresident? We should wait for the development.

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