May Day 2018, Labor Demamnd Ends Corporate Greed, Builds Welfare State.

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Federation of Indonesian Metal Workers Union held a consolidation of members ahead of the commemoration of May Day International Day or 2018 at PGRI Tambun Building in Bekasi.

Present in this event are the leaders of FSPMI Said Iqbal and Riden Hatam Aziz as President and Secretary General of FSPMI, Obon Tabroni (Deputy President of FSPMI) Taufik Hidayat (Vice President of FSPMI), Supriyatno (KC FSPMI) Sukamto (PC Chair of SPEE) Furqon SPAMK) Amir Mahfud (SPAI PC Head) and others.

In his speech the Secretary General of FSPMI Riden Hatam Aziz convey related preparation May Day which is planned to be centered in Istora Senayan Jakarta.

“On May Day Celebration 2018 FSPMI will carry the theme of Welfare State and End Corporate Greed by voicing 3 demands (Tritura)” said Riden Hatam Aziz, Secretary General of the Federation of Indonesian Metal Workers Union

“The demand is Reject Cheap Wages and Revoke PP 78 Year 2015, Lower Rice Price and Basic Electricity Price Tariff, and Build Food Sovereignty and Energy and the third is Choose New President in 2019 that is pro-Workers and People” he concluded.

This grand consolidation event was attended by about 1000 workers who are majority leaders of the work unit level in the district and city of Bekasi.

In addition, on this occasion will be introduced candidates of legislative members both at the district / city level as well as the provinces in the stretcher by FSPMI in the legislative election later.

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