Labor Condemns Military Use In Employment Matters

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KSPI and FSPMI conducted a Press Conference at LBH Jakarta office regarding the action plan of tens of thousands of workers and rejected the MoU between the Chief of Police and the TNI Commander.

Approximately twenty thousand workers joined in the Indonesian Trade Union Confederation (KSPI) and the Federation of Metal Workers Union of Indonesia (FSPMI) from jabodetabek will take action at the State Palace on Tuesday (6/2/2018).

Action will also be performed thousands of workers simultaneously in various other cities such as Bandung, Surabaya, Semarang, Medan, Batam, Yogjakarta, Aceh, Bengkulu, Lampung, Makassar, Gorotanlo, Manado, Bajarmasin,

In the action, the workers will carry three demands of the people and workers, or TRITURA. The three demands are: (1) Lower the price of rice and electricity – reject the import of rice – realize the sovereignty of food and energy, (2) Refuse cheap wages – pull PP 78/2015 on Wages, (3) Pilkada and Pilpres: Select prospective leaders who are pro-laborers and anti-PP 78/2015.

In addition, workers will also voice a rejection of the MoU between the Indonesian National Police and the Indonesian Armed Forces Number: B / 2 / I / 2018 Number: Kerma / 2 / I / 2018 on the Indonesian National Armed Forces Assistance to the Police of the Republic of Indonesia in the Framework of Security Maintenance and Public Order.

Where in the memorandum of understanding (MoU), the TNI was involved in security against protests and strikes.

Said Iqbal rate, the memorandum of understanding is authoritarian, anti democracy and will complicate the position of President Joko Widodo in the eyes of the international.

“In the MoU between the Police and the ILO alone it was agreed that in securing a police strike it should be within a minimum of 25 meters. Moreover, this involves the army in handling the strike.

This is clearly contrary to the national constitution and international law. “Said the man who also serves as the central administrator of the ILO, the Governing Body of ILO based in Geneva Switzerland.

The involvement of the army in the handling of protests, especially the strike, will damage the image of Joko Widodo in the eyes of the international who impact the investment grade of Indonesia will decline in the eyes of investors, especially foreign investors, and also injure democracy that puts civil society forward, dwi function which has been removed in the reform era.

For the ILO, this MoU is a serious violation of the right to freedom of association of freedom of association.

Therefore, Said Iqbal urged President Joko Widodo to order the Police Chief and Commander of the TNI to revoke the MoU.

The February 6 action will continue to escalate to May Day where hundreds of thousands of laborers from Java and other cities will enter Jakarta on May 1, which is an international labor day.

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